Marijuana Security Procedures – Seek Advice..

It appears as if every second day we’re reminded how vulnerable we have been. Two or three more dispensaries robbed by men wearing Halloween masks, holding budtenders at gunpoint with automatic weapons. The mounting threat is persistent. Even though you don’t keep much money on hand, the criminal gaze is fixed on dispensaries like yours. Exactly why is that?

Because of rampant headlines spreading the myth that banks won’t handle marijuana companies, so the belief has become widespread that dispensaries are unsecured havens with tens of thousands of dollars lying around. Due to rampant headlines spreading the myth that banks won’t cope with marijuana companies, and so the belief has grown to be widespread that dispensaries are unsecured havens with thousands and thousands of dollars lying around.

It’s almost as though criminals actually believe you’ve got a variety of potheads running shop, too stoned to lock the safe. In accordance with SIVA Enterprises, an organization development firm for cannabis entrepreneurs, dispensaries have replaced banks, liquor stores, and pharmacies because the probably target of robbery and organized crime. That notoriety is only going to increase as states continue to open more medicinal and recreational dispensaries.

In 2015, dispensaries faced a frightening 50-50 probability of being burglarized – up from just 17% during 2009. So thank goodness for Government Compliance Regulations which require dispensaries to possess a sufficient security plan set up for licensure, right? Well, the reply to which is, “-ish.”

However, not to be concerned! We have been here to tell you all that you should know to create a thorough, cannabis security plan which will ensure your licensure criteria are met which your dispensary, your staff, along with your product are protected.

It may seem comforting to find out you will find reputable consultants who are able to help formulate your plan. We here at MassRoots have even discovered insanely easy fill-in-the-blank templates that will save you days, as well as weeks, of work and make sure that your Dispensary Security Plan is professionally handled and satisfies including the most minute regulations.

So, What is a Dispensary Security Plan Anyway? In other words, a Dispensary Security Plan legitimizes your small business. You happen to be not really a criminal selling illicit drugs. You happen to be not dealing weed from some dank motel room. Therefore, you must not be anticipated to just live with the fear that masked gunmen could kick on the door any minute making off with all your product and profits.

If criminals do decide to go there, they have to ultimately deal with because you are a protected establishment; that security, prevention, and law enforcement are working for you.

Experts at Lake Forest Group advise that, in the event of a breach, a Dispensary Security Plan should ensure protocols are in spot to quickly recover equipment, inventory, which proper support be extended to affected staff and customers.

And, just since it is the genius of the constitution to enable for change and amendment through obtained wisdom (hence your directly to sell marijuana legally), so an excellent Dispensary Security Plan will even allow for growth and innovation to make certain security protocols and technologies improve regularly.

A Dispensary Security Plan (DSP) establishes expectations, security measures, and protective protocols that actually work to produce a safe work place and create a well-trained, responsive staff that one could trust leevgy you happen to be away from the office.

A Dispensary Security Plan (DSP) establishes expectations, safety precautions, and protective protocols that work to produce a safe work environment and develop a well-trained, responsive staff that you could trust if you are from the office.

And although the two of us realize that your dispensary draws ordinary and harmless clientele, many businesses in your neighborhood may still sign up for the concept the marijuana industry is destined to scandalize and ruin the integrity of the surrounding community.

By establishing your dispensary as a legitimate business that values security and protection for your employees and customers, you are more inclined to earn the respect and trust as a valuable asset to the city.

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